According to, “This well known and popular fish is a very good source of easily digestible proteins (amino acids), salmon.pngand fatty acids like Omega-3 in the form of triglyceride, as well as vitamins like vitamin D, vitamin A and some members of the B vitamin family. It also contains minerals like selenium, zinc, phosphorus, calcium and iron.

Metabolism: The omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D and selenium within salmon all combine to help manage insulin levels throughout the body, thereby facilitating the absorption of sugar and the subsequent lowering of blood sugar levels.

Cardiovascular Health: While the omega-3 fatty acids help reduce cholesterol, maintain flexibility of arteries and veins and strengthen cardiac muscles, the essential amino acids repair damages to the cardiovascular tissues. They help reduce the blood pressure as well, by lowering cholesterol levels and preventing the hardening of artery walls. This considerably reduces the chances of heart attacks.

Brain & Nerves: The omega-3 fatty acids increase the efficiency of brain functions, improves memory and keep it active during long working hours. Along with the amino acids, vitamin A, vitamin D, and selenium, these fatty acids protect the nervous system from damage related to aging, acts as an antidepressant, relaxes the brain and also helps in treating Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Perhaps that is why fish eaters are supposedly more intelligent than the meat eaters.”(

Califia Farms Maca-Almond Milk

IMG_20170226_231824_734Maca is seriously trending right now, but as everyone who has tried the adaptogen on its own knows, it doesn’
t taste great.
By blending it with almond milk and cardamom, Califia Farms has found a delicious way to reap the energy-boosting and stress-relieving benefits maca is said to have. The grab-and-go drink (coming out within the next few weeks) also packs eight grams of protein. Oh, and there’s also a maca-spresso blend coming out too, to add a jolt of java to the mix.” –


SAY WHAT? The Power of PApaYa!

According to OrganicFactsPapaya, “The health benefits of 14642138_629967890515364_3957942744596426287_npapaya include better digestion, relief from toothache, improvement in the immune system and the promotion of better heart health. Papaya is also believed to prevent cancer. Papaya, also known as Carica Papaya, is commercially famous for its high nutritive and medicinal value…

Fruits like papaya immensely benefit your body. Papaya is a natural source of vitamins and minerals that are essential for the normal functioning of the body. It is famous for the luscious taste and sunlit color of the tropics and has many health benefits. Papaya can be eaten as a fruit, a smoothie, a milkshake, and as a vegetable in raw form. Papaya, a cerise-orange colored juicy fruit is not only fragrant and delicious but also very healthy. Papaya has been famous for hundreds of years and it was once called the ‘fruit of the angels’ by Christopher Columbus.” –

BIG NEWS: Can TEQUILA help you lose weight?

No, not the singer/model Tila Tequila, the drink.

The answer is YES! Tequila can help you lose weight, but this does not mean you drinking every day. According to, “the sugars that naturally occurs in the agave plant are called agavins” (2015). “Agavin is a natural form of the sugar fructose called a fructan. This is the key difference. What is Agavin? img_20161217_021637Well in the study done by utmbHealth, “Agavin is a natural form of the sugar fructose called a fructan. This is the key difference. With fructan, the individual sugar molecules are linked together in long chains which make it a non-digestible dietary fiber that won’t raise blood sugar levels but does have a sweet flavor. But the agave nectar has fructan that has been broken down into individual fructoses, like high fructose corn syrup, that the body can use, raising blood glucose levels and contributing to diabetes” (2014).


screenshot_20170216-133237“The health benefits of mint include the following: Digestion: Mint is a great appetizer or palate cleanser, and it promotes digestion. It also soothes stomachs in cases of indigestion or inflammation. When you feel sick to your stomach, drinking a cup of mint tea can give you relief.” (

Lemon Water

13892189_597272997118187_94364661007060809_nLemons are loaded with healthy benefits, and particularly, they’re a great vitamin C food source. One cup of fresh lemon juice provides 187 percent of your daily recommended serving of vitamin C — take that, oranges! Lemon juice also offers up a healthy serving of potassium, magnesium, and copper.” – Dr. Axe


thumbnail_img_20161008_144450Eating healthy does not always mean you have eaten healthily. It means to enjoy some sweets. All sweets are not all bad for you, some sweets are good for you. Good sugar is found in fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts and whole grains. Try to making your own delicious homemade fruit bars. Yummy!



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