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Review: I’m From Volcanic Mask

Dear Friend,

PORES!!!!!!!!! How much I love my pores, just kidding! The Korean Volcanic Mask is cooling and relaxing. Apply the mask on a like and normal mask and leave the mask on to thumbnail_img_20161130_11353720-25 minutes. (By-the-way, it comes with a silicon mask brush, love it!) Next, rinse your face with cold water and pat your face with a towel until your face is dry.  Fun Fact: Did you know, letting water dry on your face can leave to an ashy dry skin and bigger pores, hence, gently pat your face until it is dry and do not drag or pull the towel to dry your face.  But, how do I really feel about this mask? I will give it 7.5/ 10. My pores did look smaller and my skin did feel softer, but my skin did get a little dry. Maybe next time I will leave the mask on for 15 minutes.


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Reviews: Koren Beauty for Pores
My Night Routine: Skin Care

Dear Friends,

How are your pores doing? I have been in love with my new night skin care routine. As you can tell I have many different img_20170302_012405_517sizes of PORES, hence, why I have oily skin. But, I had found my wonder to keep my pores happy and small. I use a simple light face wash, Cetaphil for oily to normal skin, with my handy dual pore brush, I’m Brush (I LOVE THIS PORE BRUSH) to cleanse all the daily DIRT, JUNK, GUNK, and DUST off my beauty face. My next step is to apply Cosrx toner use with Klairs cotton pads, Skinmiso Serum and Night Cream. OH BTW, lips are important, therefore, I hydrated my lips with the only product that works for almost anything, VASELINE. The overnight skin care treatment is 8.75 /10 for me. STAY IN TUNE FOR my YOUTUBE TUTORIAL on skin care!


Products: Cetaphil, Klairs, I’m Brush, Cosrx, Skinmiso, and Vaseline
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K-Beauty vs. American-Beauty


Dear Friend,

Eyebrows have been a big new HOT trend. But, beauty is not the same everywhere, for example, Korean Beauty (K-beauty) is not about looking mature, but it is about looking younger. K-beauty ideal eyebrows (on your right side) are straighter for a more youthful look. As for American-beauty ideal eyebrows (on your left side) are arch for a more mature look. Both looks are beautiful, hence, play around with your eyebrows.


Products: Color-pop eyebrow pencil, Anastasia dipbrowAnastasia brow gel, Trate concealer, and BECCA highlighter.
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