Healthy Dinner

Avocado Sauce with 5 Cheese Tortellini

Are you looking for a quick and healthy dinner? You had come to the right place. The recipe takes about 10 minutes or less. To make this lovely dinner possible, I had a little helped form the Nutribullet RX Blender. The RX is made to make delicious smoothies, but it also has a function to make soups. In the making of my avocado sauce, I used the soup function to make the avocado sauce warm. Once the tortellini’s are done boiling and drained, top it off with the avocado sauce and garnish. If you do not have the Nutribullet RX Blender, you can use any blender. You can warm up the avocado sauce and tortellini in a pan for 3-5 minutes. Dinner is served!

Avocado Sauce:

3……….Stems of Basil
3……….Garlic Cloves
1……….Stem of Celery
1……….Habanero (optional)
1/2cup..Fresh Chopped Parsley
4oz……Olive Oil
1/4tsp..Sea Salt
1/4tsp..Whole Black Peppers
16oz…..Coconut Water
1oz…….100% Agave Tequila (optional)

Blend until sauce is a creamy texture. Next, mix the avocado sauce with 5 cheese tortellini or any tortellini of choice. Top it with Cherry Tomatoes, Bell Pepper, Feta Cheese, Habanero, chopped Parsley, and grill Salmon. Yum! You are now one step to eating healthy.

NOTE: I am NOT SPONSOR by: Nutribullet RX Blender

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